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_AAA9172 for web.jpg

Yucca filimentosa 'Color Guard' with Liatris "Rock Crest Elf' in the background

Kalmia Tinkerbell-4595 for web .jpg

Kalmia latifolia 'Tinkerbell'

_AAA7240 for web.jpg
Androsace carnea-1319 for web.jpg
Gentian paradoxa_AAA0268 web.jpg

Gentiana  'Kingfisher'

Phyllodoce cearulea-3018 for web .jpg

Phyllodoce caerulea

Androsace carnea

Baptisia leucophea-3395 web.jpg

Baptisia leucophaea

Gentiana acaulis Krebs-3422 web.jpg

Gentiana  acaulis  'Krebs'

42184 for web.jpg

Opuntia erinacea var. utahensis

42171 for web.jpg
41994 for web.jpg

Opuntia polyacantha 'Pink'

41812 lightened for web.jpg

Opuntia sp

42665 vestita for web .jpg

Salix vestida

42653 uva-ursa for web .jpg

Salix uva-ursa

Polygonatum hookerii-7294 for web.jpg
S reticulata dwarf for web .jpg

Salix reticulata

_AAA6846 for web.jpg

Lewisia cotyledon

_AAA6861 for web.jpg

Polygonatum hookeri 2" tall

_AAA7223 for web.jpg
42100 semp Rauhreif for web .jpg

Sempervivum 'Rauhreif'

Galax aphylla-4848 for web .jpg
42406 semp Rauhreif cropped_for web .jpg

Sempervivum 'Rauhreif'

Galax aphylla-8133 for web .jpg

Galax aphelia 'Watnonga SE woodlander thriving here in full sun with uncharacteristic color 

Galax aphylla-4710 for web .jpg

Galax aphylla 'Watnong'

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