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16132 Adiantum viridimontanum for web .j

Adiantum viridimontanum  On the serpentine mine wastes, Belvidere Mt., Vt.

_AAA7805 for web.jpg

North facing stone wall with all volunteer ferns

Woodsia ilvensis-4991 for web .jpg

Woodsia ilvensis

Asplenium scolopendrium-5151 for web .jp

Asplenium scolopendrium  volunteering on tufa

43750 Asp tri for web jpg.jpg

Asplenium trichomanes

43763 Lygodium for web .jpg

Lygodium palmatum our native Climbing Fern thriving on wet sand and peat. 

Polystichum lonchitus for web -46508.jpg

Polystichum lonchitis on tufa

Woodsia glabella-7121 for web .jpg

Woodsia glabella volunteering on tufa

46340 Asplenium viridi for web .jpg

Asplenium viride  volunteering on tufa

Asplenium adulterinum-7895 for web .jpg

Asplenium adulterinum  on tufa  (Asplenium tricomanes x A viride)

 Vancouver Island & Europe

41614Cryptogrsmms stelletii for web .jpg

Cryptogramma stellerii  volunteering on tufa

43831 f16  Asp tri for web _.jpg

Asplenium trichomanes

Adiantum Sunmaiden-4461 for web

Adiantum  'Sun Maiden' in rich soil, in full sun.

A vigorous, sterile hybrid discovered at Cadys Falls

Adiantum Sun Maiden-0192 for web .jpg

Adiantum  'Sun Maiden' fronds unfolding in late May

_AAA3385 for web  copy.jpg

Adiantum pedatum volunteer

Adiantum aleuticum var sub - spore grown
_AAA5721 for web .jpg

Adiantum aleuticum var subpumilum   Native to the sea cliffs of Vancouver Island

Fern Adiantum-25477 web.jpg

Adiantum pedatum

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