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Sarracenia purpurea flowers


Sarracenia purpurea Hybrid flowering

DSC_0412 for web .jpg

Sarracenia purpurea pitchers

Sarracenia minor-4735.jpg

Sarracenia minor pitchers

Sarracena minor-3912.jpg

Sarracenia minor flowers

Sarracenia hybrid-4732.jpg

Sarracenia purpurea in full bloom

46839 S rubra jonesii x purpurea_.jpg

Sarracenia Hybrid

Sarracenia rubra jonesii x purpurea-5181

Sarracenia purpurea x rubras ssp jonesii

DSC_0424 for web .jpg

 Sarracenia purpurea in Down East Maine bog

Sarrcenia _AAA2386 web.jpg

 Sarracenia flava Hybrid clump in sand and sphagnum in a steel tub

Hybrid now in sphagnum garden-.jpg

Sarracenia flava Hybrid

Rhodora-3173 for web.jpg

 Rhododendron canadense

Helonias bullata-1597.jpg

Helonias bullata

_AAA2188 for web.jpg

Rhododendron groenlandicum

Raised Peatlands in Down East Maine 


Corea Heath

46242 for web.jpg

Sarracenia purpurea seed head

Meddybemps heath-3578 for web .jpg

Meddybemps Heath

IMG_3625 for web .jpg

Sarracenia purpurea 

DSC_0370 for web .jpg

Crystal Bog with Mt Katahdin in the distance

Drosera rotundifolia-5032 for web.jpg

Drosera rotundifolia - Round leaved sundew

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